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sherlock + being a cutie

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Benedict Cumberbatch & Alice Eve

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ah, yeah it is Benedict

And it was going on . God he’s being extra cute in this gifset and the way he shy’d -off in the 3rd gif , it’s just amazing. Never change , Benedict. 

OMG, Baby Batch never lets me down!!! So cute!!!

And all through it, that poor woman doggedly trying to attatch something to his wrist…

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I love this so much, i love sherlock and doctor who :3

Hehe same it’s so awesome!! <3

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The further you get away from yourself, the more challenging it is. Not to be in your comfort zone is great fun. -Benedict

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doctor who meme | 3/3 colors » purple

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sassy mcpotter

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Inspired by replies on my earlier post: In which Ben Whishaw is a third Holmes brother. Bond goes to the palace to rescue Q’s brother. The naked man in a bed sheet is definitely not what he expected.

I think someone must have made this kind of thing already but still.

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